May 29 - June 2
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A very warm Malaysian greetings, dear friends of ISPRM.
In close collaboration with the ISPRM executive committee, alongside Kenes International, the Malaysian Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCeb) and Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, the Local Organising Committee of ISPRM 2016 will ensure well-balanced scientific and networking opportunities, as you make your way to Kuala Lumpur, 29th May to 2nd June 2016, for the 10th ISPRM World Congress.
Malaysia has always been involved in the global development of international work on Rehabilitation Medicine, beginning with the 1st Asian Rehabilitation Conference in Tokyo, Japan in 1981, through to the evolution of ISPRM, since the days of IRMA and IFPM&R. As we bring ISPRM WC 2016 to our beautiful homeland, we are reminded of the gap in the development of our specialty in the Asian region, compared to our sister American and European continents. Hence, through the theme `Embrace and Empower Rehabilitation Medicine: from Knowledge to Practice', innovative scientific sessions will be presented. We are identifying the crème de la crème of our region to share their thoughts and experience whilst some of the best world-wide experts will converge at our congress. One objective we must meet, is the enhancement of opportunity for budding rehabilitation practitioners to continually upgrade their scientific evidence-based practice knowledge, whilst keeping the art of our practice intact. This will be role-modelled by pioneers and experts who will undoubtedly be happy to share their experience.
On a personal level, I strongly believe that deprivation breeds creativity. A huge proportion of the estimated billion persons with disabilities in the world, reside in the Asian region and in many areas, rehabilitation services are relatively inaccessible. Thanks to the noble and diverse rehabilitative work done by many, habilitation and rehabilitation needs are gradually being met. In the spirit of empowerment of beneficiaries and consumers, the 10th ISPRM WC shall bring forth and showcase the impact of our specialty's contribution towards community development of a truly inclusive society.
We remain conscious of the wide spectrum of generational needs at ISPRM World Congresses. We will make sure Baby Boomers prevail, Gen-M be included into our leadership succession plan, Gen-Y acquire the much needed knowledge and Gen-Z grow up within the philosophy and principles of our practice. The 10th ISPRM World Congress 2016 shall be universally designed, no one will be left out!
A truly Asian experience eagerly awaits yo​​u and your team in Malaysia, to embrace and empower rehabilitation, from knowledge to practice.
We look forward to welcoming you to Malaysia at the 10th ISPRM World Congress 2016. Terima Kasih.
Yours faithfully,


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