23-28 april 2016
Lisbon - Portugal

Welcome Message from the President of ESPRM

Dear Friends,

I would like to say how happy and honored I am, as the new President of the European Society of PRM, to be welcomed in Lisbon Estoril Portugal by Pr Jorge Lains, President of the 20th ECPRM, Dr Catarina Aguiar Branco, President of the Portuguese Society of PRM, the Organizing Committee and all our Portuguese colleagues.

Like the previous congresses which took place in Tessaloniki and Marseille during the presidency of Pr Xanthi Michail, this 20th European PRM congress will cover many topics such as the diagnoses (ICD), disabilities (ICF), health interventions (ICHI) and health accounts (ICHA) we have to deal with in our day to day work.

The activities of PRM in the fields of Research, Education and Public Health will be presented and discussed.

The aim of the European society of PRM is to facilitate the spread and exchange of knowledge, skills and attitudes between experts, researchers, clinicians and trainees.

For this purpose, events of several kinds will be organized, from plenary sessions and consensus conferences to workshops and opportunities of meeting the experts and the editors in chief of the European Journal of PRM and the main PRM journals.

I would like to thank all the national and international PRM societies and other societies who will be taking part in this congress, especially the PRM Section (Pr Nicolas Christodoulou) and Board (Pr Alvydas Juocevicius) of PRM/UEMS, who are responsible for the sessions focusing on the field of competence, the quality of care and the training and education of our trainees. The European Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine (Pr Xanthi Michail) will also be holding a special session.

Together with Jorge Lains we are particularly interested in welcoming PRM trainees at this meeting, in the spirit of the Euro Mediterranean Haim Ring Summer School (EMRSS Pr Franco Cirillo), the European School Marseille (ESM Pr Jean-Michel Viton, Pr Laurent Bensoussan) and the International Teaching Programme (ITP Cofemer/Sofmer Pr Olivier Rémy Neris). In the framework of these three high level teaching programmes, trainees will hear about the latest research findings, as well as being able to participate in friendly discussions with the lecturers and benefit from their experience.

The main venue for this congress will be one of the most exciting historical sites in Portugal Estoril, near Lisbon, a former European Capital of Culture, which hosted a World Exhibition in 1998.

Together with all the members of the Executive Committee and the delegates of the ESPRM, I would like to express the hope that you will come and join us and enjoy your stay in Estoril,

Alain Delarque
President of the European Society of PRM 2015-2019


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